First World War 1914-1918 Ends in Zambia: A journalist’s perspective – Francis Lungu


First World War 1914-1918: Ends in Zambia: A Journalist’s Perspective, is a book that gathers documented evidence from sources such as heritage institutions and descendants whose ancestors fought in the war. The author has packaged the material in thematic and chronological articles, confirming that the First World War ended in Africa.

“It is a very fascinating book. There is a lot of energy, the author is very lively….it is the best summary of the whole thing, the journalist’s perspective, which makes me use it in my history classes and definitely market it in universities and those of us who are doing research and methodology I find this book to be a very good resource.”
– Ackson Kanduza, Professor of English and History at the Zambian Open University, Lusaka, Zambia 
“The end of the First World War is part of the world history. This book adds value in
preserving our history and it makes a significant contribution in telling the world that
peace was declared in Zambia at the end of the war. This book will forever be part of
this rich history which is even important to Zambia’s tourism promotion.”
Dr Rodger Chongwe, renowned lawyer and retired politician

Francis Lungu is a multi-award winning Zambian journalist with both national and sub-continent accolades to his name. He is also a Bachelor of Laws (LLB) graduate from the Zambian Open University.
He is specialised in financial, business, regional economic integration, agricultural, environmental, science, health and developmental journalism.


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