October 2017 News

Member news and articles
Michael Pesek – article on German War Crimes in East Africa during WW1; Magdelene von Prins

Brian Tarpey – Captain James Fredrick ELLISON M.C., D.C.M, R.M.L.I

Peter Dickens of the South African League on the South African flag used during World War 1

Kathie Satchwell on South Africans in Delville Wood (an audio account 53mins long)

Medical Project update
Transcribed reports by Dr WW Pike on the medical services in East Africa are now available online. The reports cover British East Africa and German East Africa. Further links are constantly being added to the document.
If you have any additional information, articles or other relevant discoveries, please get in touch or complete the online form.

Legion of Frontiersmen
The LoF archive which is held at the University of Alberta in Canada has recently launched the online catalogue. It can be found in the Bruce Peel Special Collection.

The Nigerian CWGC memorial has been reinstated in Abuja after a long absence

The Commonwealth War Graves Commission has updated its ways of communicating. To subscribe to the new mailing list etc, visit http://eepurl.com/cWN3mn

Other bits of interest
South African World War 1 VC awards with more of the ceremony here

Diversity House in Sittingbourne, Kent is having a hands-on workshop on Friday 27 October in Maidstone. Come and share your World War 1 Africa stories and/or explore the lives of others who experienced the war a hundred years ago. GWAA will be there.

June 2017 update

Auction running 6-13 July: Diary of Hyacinth and Minerva up for sale.

SS Mendi bell handed in by unknown person.
Article from the SA Daily Maverick on the dialogues of the drowned of the SS Mendi

A memorial was unveiled in Brixton, London in memory of African and Caribbean men who served in World War 1. The King’s African Rifles and East African Force Association was involved. BBC report

As soon as information is available regarding the 25 November 2018 commemoration events in Mbala/Abercorn, it will be posted on this site. Arrangements are being made in Zambia – with various logistics needing to be organised. From what I have heard so far, it’s going to be good.

There’s a new article by Harry Fecitt on the 2/3 KAR in German East Africa. You can see it and other articles by Harry and GWAA members here.
Ana Paula Pires has an article on The First World War in Portuguese East Africa: Civilian and Military Encounters in the Indian Ocean

For members who read German, Michael Pesek has posted some new topics recently. This one is on Lake Kivu ops, German Governor Schnee’s declaration and Lettow’s recollections in 1922
Michael has also shared a link to a French film with English subtitles about the war in Africa – Black and White in Colour (1976). It was filmed in the Ivory Coast. Loved the bagpipes.

Account of the battle of Nyanza

Visual of where Indian troops served

April 2017 Update

Things have been a little quiet recently. Here’s the latest…

Library of Congress has made newspaper articles on World War 1 available. Some mention Africa.

SA Naval Museum has a photo display on SS Mendi
South African documentary on SS Mendi

Michelle Moyd discusses her book Violent Intermediaries

A new online book about a South African serving in Europe.

Heritage funded projects looking at World War 1 Africa
Away from the Western Front
Includes GWAA’s Medical project around the Pike Report.
To get involved, contact Anne
For more about AFTWF

Breaking the Myths: World War 1 and Africa
Diversity House is working in Sittingbourne and Maidstone areas to work with local schools and the community to acknowledge the African contribution to World War 1, including local experiences and trauma.
More about Breaking the Myths
Diversity House is issuing a series of podcasts (oral histories) on aspects of World War 1 in Africa.
If you have a story to contribute, please contact Diversity House.

They also served: Uncovering the experiences of African and Caribbean servicemen during the Great War
Churches Together is working with Midlands African and Caribbean churches and wider communities.
Contact: Project Manager, Dr Angelina Osborne

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