December 2021

It’s a little bit of a clunky system but there might be some info on Indians who served in Africa on the new Punjab and World War 1 database.

German Colonial Archive has some 1914-1918 information.

A collection of articles on World War 1 in Africa (

Kingston Aviation has been posted in the past, but I think it was separate links. Now, everything is in one place. There are a couple of mentions of East Africa.

Organised by the British Council in Tanzania, a 2-hour webinar giving insight into the CWGC’s tracking down of missing names, Remembrance in Tanzania, including the Tanzania Legion Club and what is happening in Kenya and other places, is now available. It’s a packed 2 hours.

A 2018 edition of Nongqai is a special edition on South Africa’s Water Police, including SAP service during the war. It includes various photographs including of the SS Field Marshal leaving Durban with German prisoners of war in January 1919.

The British Overseas Railways Historical Trust has a few articles and publications on the Great War in Africa. Not listed on the Great War page is an article in journal 23 of 2001 on the Gold Coast Railways in 1917.

Photos of the Lake Tanganyika Expedition are available here – the complement the Lake Tanganyika Expedition 1914-1917: A primary source chronology published by GWAA.

Photos by Leo Walmseley –World War 1 glass slides, do you recognise the locations?

October 2021

Update on the CWGC commemoration project.

Apologies if this has been posted before – it’s a Portuguese website on the 1914-1918 war in Africa.

Some interesting photos here on the Lake Tanganyika expedition with more photos of the gun emplacements here.

The Royal Marines on the Battle of Latema Nek. This might be a good place to mention the dates of the next Tsavo tour:
• November 2021 (Fri 26th, Sat 27th, and Sun 28th).. This is the 4th East African Remembrance Weekend., This will be a formal event and hosted by the KDF, but will be be no less educational than a normal ‘informal’ one. It is likely that there will be some international dignitaries there, and with it, a bit of pomp and ceremony with the Remembrance Services for the ‘The Unremembered’ in the form of the KAR askaris, and men of the Carrier Corps.
There have been comments from various people we have spoken to, who have had concerns about clambering up hills and that they might not be able to do it. As a result. we have been talking a lot about a trip for people who have these concerns, and have a couple of ‘softer’ patrol briefs, that would be more easy and be more suited to the less athletic. Please let us know and we will organise the places we visit accordingly
Interest, questions etc should be directed to Tom Lawrence.

The South African Railways and Harbours Magazines contain a wide range of material on World War 1.

Africa Federation looks as though it might contain background information on some Indians resident or trading in East Africa during the 1914-1918 war. Best to search by individual years or places.

September 2021

The British Library has a collection of maps covering World War 1 in Africa together with some history behind their creation.

Harry Fecitt has a number of articles covering aspects of the East Africa Campaign on The Heroes of the East Africa Campaign

The Wellcome Institute has a photo of the Lindi Lion – a memorial to the battle of Lindi, 17 September 1916 – sadly they have no other information online about this memorial. The SS Barjora on which the memorial was found was the troop carrier which brought West Indian troops to East Africa.

Some more photos can be found on the University of California website – the link should take you to Nyasaland 1914-1918.

For those interested in war time stamps, this looks a comprehensive page on the Nyasa-Rhodesian Field Force.

There is a small collection of personal war histories on the GWAA website. If you have any similar pieces you would like added, please get in touch. The aim is to show the variety of individual experience across the continent.