The Lake Tanganyika Expedition 1914-1917: A primary source chronology

The first of a three-part publication on The Lake Tanganyika Expedition 1914-1917 is due out in October 2015 through GWAA. The first two books (approx 400 pages each) form a chronological account of the Lake Tanganyika Expedition using English, Belgian and some German first hand accounts, whilst the third contains additional information on individuals concerned.

For those familiar with the Lake Tanganyika Expedition, the reference to 1914 might sound a little odd. The reason for going back to 1914 is to set the context for the expedition in the greater World War and also the East and Central African campaigns.

The exact cost of the book is yet to be finalised but it should not be more than £30. Copies will be available through GWAA and print on demand. If you are interested in obtaining/reserving a copy, please email.

5 thoughts on “The Lake Tanganyika Expedition 1914-1917: A primary source chronology”

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  2. Looks interesting, as I have some books (The Phantom flotilla, Mimi and Toutou go worth and the roma : Lord of Loingcloth), this subject is always interesting about the ‘major à la jupe’, the extravagant Spicer-Simson !
    I will order it.

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