The British South Africa Police

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TitleAuthorSynopsisebookPrint book
1. The British South Africa Police, Origins and Early History 1885 – 1901Wilfred Bernard BussyComprises articles that first appeared in the Police Review between 1911 and 1914. (buy)£8.50 (UK)
£11.25 (International)
2. Zambesi PatrolJH HoddinottRecounts, in patrol diary style, a four month patrol in 1928 in the Zambesi Valley to verify a reported smallpox outbreak.(buy)£7.00 (UK)
£8.64 (International)
3. Sunrise PatrolsJohn Edgar PalmerPalmer’s memoirs of his time in the BSAP from 1926 – 1933(buy)£9.50 (UK)
£11.06 (international)
4. Down the Decades with the BSAPAlan Stock; John BerryCollection of articles from the Outpost Magazine illustrating the evolution of the Police in Southern Rhodesia.(Buy)£9.50 (UK)
£10.38 (international)
5. Not without IncidentWH 'Bunny' RabbettsRecounts the author’s service with the BSAP from 1902 – 1914(Buy)£8.50 (buy)
6. MockeJohn Berry, Alan Stock1437 Trooper E. Mocke tales spanning from the Boer War into the Seventies.(Buy)£11.75 (buy)
7. BSAP Military Operations in World War One and TwoCliff Rogers, Alan Stock, John BerryOperations involving BSAP Personnel outside Southern Rhodesia during the World Wars with nominal rolls and medal rolls of those who took part.Not yet£11.50 (buy)
8. Trooper’s Tales of the British South Africa PoliceJohn Berry, Alan StockEleven stories by BSA Police members who started out as troopers from the earliest days of the Force to immediately after World War Two.(Buy)£12.70 (buy)
9. Commanding the RegimentJohn Berry, Fred PunterEvents leading to the formation of the Force and the foundation of the country it later policed.Not yet£8.50 (buy)
10. Stand to your horsesStanley EdwardsSpans the service in the Force of 3739 Senior Assistant Commissioner “Stan” Edwards from 1938 – 1966Not yet£19.00 (buy)
11. Murray's ColumnGH TanserService Company of the British South Africa Police which was sent to the border in 1915. It was named after its commanding officer, Lieutenant Colonel RE Murray, DSO and bar, DCM.(Buy)£13.25 (buy)
12. Inimitable StyleGC StyleTrooper, a Man of Letters and Lowveld Pioneer. More than life in the BSAPNot yet£11.00 (buy)
13. Humour in the BSAPJohn BerryHumourous stories of the imaginary Constable Wonderwayi of Outpost Fame; illustrated with cartoons.Not yet£11.50 (buy)
14. Personalities and Institutions of the BSAPJohn BerryArticles and memoirs covers a wide spectrum of time and subject matter, including forensic science and Bush War(buy)£11.50 (buy)
15. Motoring memories of the BSAPPeter Hudson, Barry WoanBSAP Motor Car Club which had branches in both Salisbury and Bulawayo. Includes 250 photographsNot yet£15.25 (buy)
16. The British South Africa Police in World War 1John BerryIncludes the photographs of Sergeant FG Elliot and the Diary of BSAP Service Company Private WHJ Walker.(buy)£8.61 (buy)
17. Jameson's MenCE RogersDr Jameson’s invasion of Transvaal with a force of mainly BSAP personnel leaving a young country with a severely reduced “first line of defence”.Not yet£8.50 (buy)
18. A Memoir of early BSAP Days 1912-1919BH Seymour-HallAfter Training he served on several stations from 1912 – 1919.Not yet£12.00 (buy)
19. More tales of the BSAPJohn BerryIncludes descriptions of the 1966 Operation Vermin which took place in Lupane Matabeleland.Not yet£13.00 (buy)
20. From horse to aeroplaneJohn BerryMemoirs of 4104 Trooper T. J. Dumbrell (Dum) covering 1946 – 1951; Police Reserve Air Wing (PRAW) researched by Wayne Kennerley; an article entitled “The Flying Coppers”Not yet£11.00 (UK)
21. NYATI – The Last QuartermasterRichard Hamley, John BerryAssistant Commissioner John Hamley the last Quartermaster of the BSA Police and cartoonist of noteNot yet£15.50 (buy)
Special Offer: Blue and Old Gold – A history of the BSAP & Magazinesincludes 3 CDs: The Magazines and Regimental records of the BSAP including 1911-1923 Police Review and Rhodesia Defence Force Journal, 1924-1945 and 1946-1980 OutpostN/A - limited copies available£62.00 (buy)
The Magazines and Regimental records of the BSAP including 1911-1923 Police Review and Rhodesia Defence Force Journal, 1924-1945 and 1946-1980 Outpost3 CDsN/A£31.00
Blue and Old Gold – A history of the BSAP Book onlyN/A - limited copies£40.00
Blondie's RevengeTony GrangerShort stories of life in Africa and the UKN/A - limited copies£5.00

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