The 5th Great War in Africa Conference – 3&4 May 2016

GWA Conference Registration 2016 – added 2 January 2016

Call for Papers and Participation in the 5th Great War in Africa Association and 3rd International Network for the Study of the Great War in Africa
Experiences of the Great War in Africa

Venue: The National Archives, Kew, London
Dates: 3 and 4 May 2016
Deadline for CfP submission: 31 January 2016

1916 was a significant year in the Great War. In Europe it was the year of the Somme and Gallipoli. In Africa it was the year of Salaita and the British allied invasion into German East Africa, the loss of Cameroon to the Allies and the subsequent use of West African forces in East Africa. South African forces detoured via Egypt en route to the Somme and in Ethiopia Menelik was deposed.
It therefore seems fitting to explore how those living in Africa experienced the war, both in their own land and elsewhere.

Papers and presentations are sought from all scholars (academic and other) around the following themes:
• Military
• Social and cultural – the fighting and ‘home’ fronts
• Economic
• Medical
• Impact of the war

Abstracts and proposals of up to 300 words as well as a short biography should be sent to: greatwarinafrica2014 This email should also be used for any enquiries related to the conference.
Poster submissions must be in English. They should include a 1 page abstract and a draft of the final poster. Please prepare your poster in either portrait or landscape format with the following dimensions: 82cm x 102cm.

Conference fee for the two days: £70 (£35 for one)

The conference is taking place on the Tuesday and Wednedsay following a Bank Holiday. It is therefore advised that accommodation bookings are made early. in Kew, Richmond, Twickenham, Chiswick and Ealing are relatively local and could be cheaper than hotels and B&Bs.

Conference venue: The National Archives, Kew, Richmond, Surrey TW9 4DU.

Organising Committee:
Anne Samson, Great War in Africa Association
Ana Paula Pires, IHC-FCSH-UNL, International Network for the Study of the Great War in Africa
Dan Gilfoyle

Author: Anne

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  1. Thanks to James de Lorenzi for the correction:
    Emperor Menilek II was not deposed in 1916, since he died in 1913. Instead, it was his designated heir, Iyasu V, who was deposed in 1916. In addition, the correct orthography for Menilek’s name is as I have written, and not Menelik, which is an archaicism rather like Mahomet or Hindoo. In the Ethiopic alphabet, the first and third vowels in his name are the same, while the second is different.

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