Ship’s Logbooks during East Africa Campaign

Hullo, is finalising the first of the World War 1 Royal Navy ship histories it is hosting. This is based on the 300,000 logbook pages transcribed for over 300 ships, mainly serving outside British waters.

The first four all served off East Africa, and all have interesting stories:

Now updated with Journey Plots added

HMS LACONIA, – armed merchant cruiser, 1915-16, East Indies Station, East Africa

HMS MERSEY, – river monitor, 1915-17, East Indies Station, East Africa, Konigsberg action

HMS SEVERN, – river monitor, 1915-19, East Indies Station, East Africa, Konigsberg action, River Danube

HMS TRENT, – fleet messenger, 1915-19, East Indies Station, East Africa, Disciplinary problems/mutiny, repatriating POWs from Germany

I think you will find that these histories are quite unique and offer a great source of primary information for anyone studying the naval operations associated with the East Africa Campaign. I hope they will be of interest to you and your colleagues. If so, perhaps you could let others know of their existence.

I should add that all the editing as well as the Journey Plots are the work of Paul Money.

Best wishes,

Gordon Smith

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