September 2018 Update

The bell from SS Mendi was returned by Britain to South Africa at the end of August.

1914-1918 Encyclopedia is looking for Africa continent wide articles on food and nutrition and carriers amongst others.

A documentary by NWO Documentary Channel on the Lake Tanganyika Expedition made in 2017 was brought to attention by Jennie Upton. It’s the traditional story which contradicts itself on a few occasions, but worth a view (Youtube, 50mins). For the most complete account using all primary source material including Belgian and German, see vol 1 of The Lake Tanganyika Expedition 1914-1917: A primary source chronology. Vol 2 is due out later this year, early 2019.

Jennie Upton has published an article on Lieutenant Leslie St Legder Blakeney who served in West Africa.

An interpretation on Mozambique and the Great War by Meera Sabaratnam

For those who read French, there’s an account of the Togoland campaign from the German perspective.

Oliver Shulten has had an article published on the end of the First World War in Africa: Erste Weltkrieg: Zeitenwende 1918 (cost: 5,30 euros)

Sierra Leone in the First World War – thesis by Festis Cole, 1994

A postal history of the First World War in German East Africa by Tom Dietz.

Following a request from the British Legion for individual accounts of people who served in Africa, a page has been started to record histories which are not found elsewhere on line. If you have a WW1 Africa related personal history and would like to share it online, please get in touch. If it doesn’t go on this page because it is already online or published elsewhere, it will be linked to the In Memory lists.

The US Army Centre of Military held a conference on medicine in World War 1 – a summary of the Pike Report and other aspects was a feature of Beyond the Western Front

Keeping to the medical theme, the Central African Journal of Medicine has an online archive which is freely accessible

Your help is sought: animal sightings in your reading of WW1 in Africa.

With the centenary of the end of the war approaching, there are numerous events happening – please see the calendar for the details. The centenary commemorations in Zambia are falling into place – if you are intending to join us, please get in touch as accommodation in Mbala, in particular, is filling up quickly.

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