Report on Stellenbosch & other bits

A huge thanks to Ian van der Waag for his hospitality (beyond the call of duty) and for organising an excellent Great War in Africa conference. It was a wonderful opportunity to share ideas and broaden our knowledge of the various campaigns and other related aspects.

Oswald Masebo from Tanzania shares his discoveries of World War 1 in south-east Tanzania in the article
The African soldiers dragged into Europe’s war – more than one million people died in East Africa during World War One – some soldiers were forced to fight members of their own families
and in voice

Michelle Moyd’s book Violent intermediaries is now available. It’s a good, interesting read and a review will soon be available.

Ed Yorke’s new book Britain, Northern Rhodesia and the First World War: Forgotten Colonial Crisis is soon to be available from Palgrave Macmillan

There are some books for sale through the GWAA – most of which are on behalf of members. Please get in touch if you are looking for a copy or have copies to sell.

If you’ve reviewed a book on the campaigns in East Africa, please share the link.
Recent reviews I’ve done are:
Tim Couzens – The Great Silence
Bill Nasson – World War 1 and the people of South Africa
James Stejskal – Horns of the Beast
Floris van der Merwe – Sporting Soldiers

Reviews are due out on Michelle Moyd’s Violent Intermediaries, Duncan McGregor’s World War 1 in Namibia, and Adam Cruise’s Louis Botha’s War. Watch this space.

Calls for papers
As usual, these are posted on the forum with dates for conferences, exhibitions etc noted on the calendar.

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