Zambia: The end of the war in Africa 25 November 1918 – 25 November 2018 – GWAA

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The First World War ended in Africa on 25 November 1918 when the German forces under Paul von Lettow~Vorbeck laid down their arms in Abercorn (Mbala).

Von Lettow~Vorbeck was the only German General to invade and occupy British territory during the war and to remain undefeated over the four years of fighting.

The nature of the conflict in Africa, and East Africa in particular, sets the African continent aside from the experiences in Europe and elsewhere.

We remember the different African theatre experiences, and the last days of the conflict. Then, in the words of men who recorded the surrender a century ago, we pay our respects to those who did their bit, willingly or otherwise, in the hope of making our world a little better.


  • The last days of fighting
    • Harry Fecitt ~ a British view
    • Dr Michael Pesek ~ a German view
  • The laying down of arms (Chronology)
    • British return of strength, 30 Nov 1918
    • Protocol of Surrender
  • The Chambeshi memorial
  • Named …
  • … in Chronology
  • Present at the Surrender (German and British)
  • King’s African Rifles and East African Forces Association ~ David Williams
  • Guerrillas of Tsavo ~ James Willson
  • Other Associations
  • They fought in Europe


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