The Fate of the Prisoners During the East African Campaign – Timothy Hoffelder (translator)

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Translation of a 1919 Belgian Government report into the experiences of prisoners of war in East Africa during World War 1.
Includes reports by:

[one-fourth-first]Part 1
Auditor General Dellicour who conducted the enquiry
The Major
Italian subjects: Mina and Ursina
Oberleutnant Brandt
German guard Muller
Turkish soldier Skianda
Mr and Mrs de Doncker
Italian subject Sperandio
Swiss subject Steiner
Austrian subject Krassnigg
German subject Karl Ninck
Engineer Mercenier
Belgian Askaris
Auditor General Muyelle
Corporal Masinganda
Marguerite Molassi[/one-fourth-first]
[one-fourth]Part 2
Otto Weber
Manager GEA Company (DOAG)
Guido Kiltz
Auguste Ostermann
Charles Haase
Mrs von Kutzleben
Marie Haase
Mrs Kiltz
Mrs Muller
Mrs Prietzel
Mrs Tempel
Mrs Wintgens
Mrs von Steumer
Mrs Herrgott
Mrs Ostermann
Mrs Schnee[/one-fourth]
[one-fourth]Part 3
Doctor Moesta
German Soldier Kotl
Pastor von Bodelschwing
Swiss subject Steiner
Campaign journal of prisoner Wasmer
Death threats against prisoners
Death and funeral of PoW Ebert
Paul Schmidt
Otto Weber
Mr and Mrs Prietzel
Ms von Kutzleben
Mrs Roser
Mrs Roehl
Italian subject Pesci[/one-fourth]

Part 4:Transport of prisoners and detained Germans in Africa including
Otto Weber
Pastors Johanssen, Kraft, Kootz, Seibt
Mrs Schnee

Part 5: Belgian and native population of GEA including
Major De Clerck’s report
Musinga correspondence
Regents of the Sultan of Urundi

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About the author
Timothy Hoffelder, is a recent graduate of Indiana University. He is currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (MATESOL) at St. Michael’s College in Vermont. A linguist, he is fluent in both French and Swahili, and has spent time in France and Tanzania. His passion is for education, but after living in Zanzibar, Tanzania, he took great interest in the history and politics of the United Republic of Tanzania.


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