On Call in Africa in War and Peace – Norman Parsons Jewell


The book contains the story and eye-witness account of events based on the personal diary, memoirs and extensive photography of Dr Norman Parsons Jewell who served as a Medical Officer throughout the first world war in East Africa, as well as a Doctor and Administrator in the UK colonial service in Seychelles (pre-war) and Kenya (post-war).

Relevant entries from Norman’s official diaries, held in the National Archives in the UK, provide exact dates, places, record of events and medical statistics to complement the personal memoirs, photographs and observations on the war that form the main Part 1 of the book. The National Archive data are summarized by Dr Anne Samson in Part 2 of the book to provide factual documentation to the main memoirs. Attention is drawn to the Pike Report on medical, supply and other matters during the East African campaign, a report that remains largely unknown due to secret/sensitive government classification for 100 years.

The story of Norman’s remarkable wife, Sydney Elizabeth Auchinleck, their period together at Trinity College Dublin, where she was among the first women to be admitted in 1904 and the first to graduate in Chemistry, and their children John, Norman, Norah and Daphne, born in the Seychelles and Kenya, is summarized in a short Part 3. The School of Chemistry at Trinity College recently inaugurated the Sydney E. Auchinleck Postgraduate Research Studentship in her honour (November 2016).

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