Chiwaya War Echoes – Melvin E Page


The King’s African Rifles War Memorial in Zomba has long been a focal point of Malawi memories of the First World War. Now, Chiwaya War Echoes offers a fuller view of how Malawi was involved in both twentieth century world wars.
These transcripts of askari memories from a Second World War complete a picture of the Malawian role in the British military.

About Melvin
Within a year of his arrival in Malawi as a Fulbright lecturer, Mel Page began a career of historical research focusing first on the impact the First World War had on the country. This volume complements not only his previous book, The Chiwaya War: Malawians in the First World War, but two previous collections of interviews — also published by the Great War in Africa Association — Chiwaya War Voices: Malawian Oral Histories of the Great War in Africa. His previous biographical novel, Distinguished Conduct: An African Life in Colonial Malawi, also ties together the threads of Malawian colonial military service.

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