Britain, South Africa and the East Africa Campaign – Anne Samson

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Britain, South Africa and the East Africa Campaign, 1914-1918: The Union comes of age is a paperback reprint of the hardcover edition published by IB Tauris in 2006.

Contains original material on an under-researched period in British and South African history. An unusual approach – writing colonial history from the perspective of all the countries involved, this work sheds new light on greater historical processes of British and German rivalry in Africa and the development of an independent South Africa. The East African campaign has held little place in national memory – for Britain, it has been a ‘romantic’ side-show whilst for South Africa, a reminder of its failure to unite the two dominant white races and acquire the port of Delagoa Bay in Portuguese East Africa. Using new material gained from original research, Anne Samson reassesses the importance of the campaign to the young South African dominion in attempting to prove its coming of age and pursue its imperial desires. “Britain, South Africa and the East African Campaign” is a comprehensive study from multiple perspectives of the key players that will illuminate this under-researched period in colonial history.


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