Blondie’s Revenge – Tony Granger


This book is a collection of short stories about some of the fun times I have experienced living in Africa and the UK, and is a departure from the normal books on finance that I have written in the past.
For me, life has to have humour. Humour can get you through bad times, and enhance the good ones. Many of the stories in this book are a culmination of my friends’ humour as well – I have been the butt of many of their jokes, and they of mine. War, and the participation in it, brings out many characteristics in people, but none more than humour to get through the bad times and appreciate the better ones.

Tony Granger is the author of many publications and books finance and business related. He has also written a number of murder mystery plays, some of which have been performed in exotic locations, like the Atlas Mountains in Morocco, and Majorca.


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