April 2021

For German readers, there is now a biography on Heinrich Schnee available. It was published in 2017.
The Bundesarchiv has an online catalogue of material relevant to the war and Schnee. An English version can be found here.

The casualty list amongst other correspondence regarding the 1914 Battle of Sandfontein .

In case you haven’t yet seen this – a postal history of the war in Africa: GSWA by ASLC Leiden

The Armchair Historian has a 15 minute animated video of the campaigns in Africa. Be warned, there is an irritating promotion for the sponsor of the video (about 30secs) and factual inaccuracies.

There’s an article by an RAMC officer in East Africa (pgs5-8). He travels via Galippoli.

A KTN Kenya News documentary on the First World War in Tsavo and also a link to the setting up of a local museum collection.

Mel Page has recently published his Chiwaya War Voices through GWAA if you didn’t spot this in last month’s bookshop selection. He has also had an article published comparing African and American farmers and the war.

March 2021

The HMAS Pioneer podcast was clearly of interest based on the emails I received. The podcast was not completely accurate and hopefully in time those with other information will add this to the posting to enable future researchers/interested parties to get a more accurate picture of the events.

John East has a paper Under Three Governors which looks at the life of Wilhelm Methner in GEA between 1902 and 1917. It’s on Academia.edu if the link fails. Although not World War 1, he has also published the translated memoirs of Tom von Prince on Academia.

The CWGC has an article on GA Murray who died on the Western Front, the return of a wooden cross to his family and his reburial in a I/CWGC cemetery

The war years are covered in the Archival records from Preserving Malawi endangered historical District Notebooks: 1891-1964 (EAP920)

Lucy London drew my attention to mentions of Africa in the Female Poets of the First World War collection (includes mention of brothers etc who lost their lives).

There has been an interesting discovery about the first print of Marching on Tanga by Francis Brett Young.

Andrew Kerr tells the story of his grandfather’s service with the Jammu and Kashmir Rifles

SA War graves in the news (might only be available to LinkedIn members) A similar article can be found here.

James Willson and Tom Lawrence are visiting the Tsavo Battlefields on a regular basis:
• Fri 23rd, Sat 24th and Sun 25th April
• May is fully reserved
• Fri 25th, Sat 26th and sun 27th June
For more info, contact Tom Lawrence atomlaw50[@]gmail.com or James Willson james[@]guerrillasoftsavo.com

January 2021

Thank you to the members who have added comments on archives to the June 2020 and November 2020 newsletters.

Professor Peter Stanley discusses with Dr Richard Dunley & Lieutenant Tim Döbler, FGN the German naval activities off East Africa and the role of HMAS Pioneer in the campaign to counter the German cruiser Königsberg. (link supplied by a couple of members – thank you).

For anyone interested in the official statistics of the war including East Africa, the 1922 publication is available. Figures in this document differ to those in the Official History released in 1942.

The Belgian Colonial Archive has some photographs of the Force Publique etc.

The Government Gazettes for South West Africa (Namibia) whilst it was under South African military administration (1915-1922) are available online (scroll down past the red block to get the date links and click on edition numbers to get the actual gazette rather than the index)

In case you haven’t seen the National Army Museum’s summary of the war in East Africa (thanks Paul).

I recently discovered this business survey on East Africa in 1917. Life continued during the war…

Medal collectors might be interested in Military Medals of South Africa. There’s a page dedicated to World War 1. (thanks to Paul for this link)

The following books are for sale through the GWAA, including the BSAP collection