September 2020

Essays on the First World War in the Horn of Africa.

Some German publications covering the war in Africa, and photos.

The Spanish flu hits Kisumu and subsequent article (an example of how the media uses history).

In case you aren’t aware, there are numerous papers on the African campaigns of World War 1 on You do need to register to access them. The other site to have useful academic-type articles, some of which overlap with is

The Great War series: Countries in World War 1 youtube videos: German East Africa ; South Africa

For anyone interested in the demise of the boats which served on Lake Victoria during the war, The Uganda Journal has a short article.

A view of the Delville Wood memorial in 1926 – a mother from Boksburg, South Africa attended the unveiling. She lost three sons on the Western Front.

A war memorial with a difference – Uganda.

If anyone is interested in taking a WW1 reminiscent trip up the Zambezi and Shire rivers, please get in touch. Mark Anderson is thinking of doing a trip.

August 2020

Hunting the Hun in [British] South West Africa by WH Kirby (1915)

Articles on Congo during the War.

Though Swamp and Forest in Africa (1917)

The National Army Museum has some articles on the First World War in Africa.

The IWM has an interview available online with Edward Northey’s ADC, William Wynne Honywood, on his time East Africa – reels 3 and 4. An interesting 1916 coin belonging to Honywood was auctioned in 2018.

Australian ship HMS Pioneer and the blockade of German East Africa.

Geoffrey Popplewell who arrived in Tanganyika in 1927 shares his discoveries concerning the war in that theatre.

For those who read German, here is some info on the German Schutztruppe.

The Behind the Wire exhibition looking at internment is now online. Material covering Fort Napier in South Africa is available as a resource guide.

Some maps of Africa during the war can be found in the Digital Archive of the McMaster University Library.

July 2020

A missionary visit to Abunerek Military Grave, Nigeria of Colour Sjt Francis in 1970 courtesy of CWGC.

A collection of papers in English on Portugal’s involvement in the war in Africa (conference proceedings 2016).

A list of Portuguese who died during the Great War is online. Their names and links have been added to the GWAA In memory lists.

The Families in British India Society have compiled a list of links which relate to the First World War including Africa.

German artwork on German East Africa.

The Frontiersmen’s Lorry – East Africa

An account by PK Gautam of India’s involvement in East Africa.

The British Library has a useful sheet on India Office records – to find World War 1 Africa material requires patient searching, this sheet might help.

Commonwealth War Graves have a podcast on their African cemeteries.

Database of Europeans in East Africa – useful for dates and references to war service. Searching is only by name.

There was a problem with last month’s RFC article – not sure what happened there (apologies), but I found this blog on Airwar1914-1918 which has a few mentions of German East Africa (1st entry is at the end of the blog).