November 2020

The Colonial archive at Bristol University is now catalogued online. There is not much at all on World War 1 in Africa. Charles Alfred Bungey has some photos related to the war.

Counting the cost of war: The Great War’s impact in Africa edited by Karin Pallaver and Massimo Zaccaria (thanks to Mel Page for this link)

An insight into the image of von Lettow-Vorbeck by Kai He. (This was a high school project). If you are aware of any papers, articles, or books concerning the war in Africa which are not on the GWAA bibliography, or websites on the Links page, please let me know.

Some detailed discussion on Mount Labafu in north-west GEA.
Although some of the images have been removed from the forum, there are useful links to documents/sources on naval action on Lake Kivu.

This link to a German road/rail map in East Africa was submitted by Mark Dunbar – many thanks.

Documents on Ghana’s railway have been made available through the British Library Endangered Archive programme. There area few produced during the war years.

A monetary history of German East Africa – includes World War 1 complications.

BlackPoppyRose has a crowdfunding project on the go. Although Jamaica is the initial focus, it does include all African territories. Flyers are available for the various territories involved in WW1 – please get in touch if you would like one.

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  1. The 750k field map from McMaster intersects with work I’m now doing, which tries to reconstitute the movements and work of 6 Topo Section in East Africa (under EK Boileau, who was originally a land surveyor in the EAP, KIA at Nakande Ridge 18.x.17) that apparently got scattered around after arriving in July 1916, as well as the SA Topo Section that was attached mostly to Norforce and its predecessor. The printing sections are part of it. Most were RE and many seconded from the Ordnance Survey, but Chatham has almost nothing on them (and OS records are lost or hopelessly tangled); the Indian survey unit that reinforced 6 TS in 1918 under Drake has only limited info as well, and were only in theater for a few months. I have a lot of images of sunprints (via the British Library and Kew) but precious little about this detachment and its operatives. Some of the maps remained in use for compilation purposes until 1943-44 at least. Does anyone know anything about these survey and printing companies, beyond what Pritchard (in vol VII of the RE Corps history) and the Survey of India volumes have to say? I can’t even find a roll of officers, much less war diaries, only occasional mentions of early efforts at aerial survey and some bridging.

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