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Habari and Greetings

The latest Commonwealth War Grave Commission MANAGEMENT REPORT – OCT TO DEC 12-1 for work in Southern Africa is attached. There is nothing specific regarding East Africa in this edition but there is a piece on what is happening/being planned around the centenary and I thought it would be good to share as a number of men who fought in the Anglo-Boer War saw service in either GSWA and/or EA. There are also various men who saw service in EA who are buried in SA so I will continue to post updates from the South African CWGC as I get them.

As usual, we have some new queries on the site – Ion is looking for travel information from 1914 Hamburg to Dar for starters and Guy Ellis is looking for images on 26 Squadron for a publication. The various lists, In Memory and Books, articles etc have been updated including a book placing the war in the context of Tanganyika’s development by Gordon Dyus and two books on postal aspects by Regis Hoffman.

The following sources have been found which may be of interest to some:
Military advances made during war in general – an interesting article:

The Royal Logistics Corps covering the ASC and other service groups during World War 1:

HMS Astrea‘s log – link on ‘In Memory’ under Naval vessels

For those of you interested in numbers:
Membership is 116 at 4 Feb 2013
In Memory = 7510 names recorded
Books identified mentioning or about the campaign = 389
Articles on the campaign = 134
Novels involving the campaign = 19
Twitter followers = 77
These lists are not yet complete, if you are aware of anything/one missing, please let me know.

Harry Fecitt is talking in the US in March. If you are aware of any other relevant talks and publications, please let me know.

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