May 2019

The British Foreign and Commonwealth Office take on Africa’s Great War.

Brian Tarpey has kindly provided a short overview of Charles Futcher Smith of the 25th Royal Fusiliers Legion of Frontiersmen. It has been added to the other Personal Histories. More on the 25th Fusiliers and the Legion of Frontiersmen.

Intelligence galantry awards for East Africa by Harry Fecitt.

The Royal Marines were involved in the Battle of Trekkoppies in German South West Africa. Here’s a little more about Trekkoppies and a bit more academic, and locally in Namibia: overview, insignia in the desert. More digging is required to find out what the Marines did though.

A fascinating collection of items including Africa during World War 1, items 21-33

Diary of Battery Quartermaster Sergeant GJ Maker: A Narrative of the Right Section, 5th Mountain Battery, South African Mounted Riflemen. Central African Imperial Service Contingent, Nyasaland, 1915 – 1918. Part 1 ; Part 2

Keeping with Nyasaland, there’s a 1922 summary of the war by SS Murray in the Handbook of Nyasaland.

And interestingly on ebay there was a copy of Karonga Kronicles for sale during April. Thanks to Julian from Languages World War 1 for the link.

The 1914-1918 Encyclopedia team are looking for articles on Africa in World War 1 – I spotted ,em>4 on the list.

For anyone who wants to revisit the 2015 BBC discussion on Tanzania in World War 1, you can do so here. Thanks to Steve Eeles for sending in the link.

Sadly, member Kenneth Steuer passed away. He was looking into aspects of American YMCA in East Africa during the war. A few of us had the privilege of meeting Kenneth at the 2016 conference in Stellenbosch. Although Africa isn’t mentioned, here is a forerunner publication.

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  1. Charles Ross

    The involvement of the Royal Marines at Trekkopje in German South West Africa is certainly very interesting. Visited the site a number of times during my tour of duty with the Commonwealth War Graves Commission. As I grew up in Kimberley it was interesting to note that members of the Kimberley Regiment buried in the cemetery.

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