March 2018

Further to the Australian naval Pioneer which was mentioned in February, another article on the same ship has come to light.

Continuing with the shipping theme, Kevin Patience’s new book on Ship Wrecks is available. This includes information on Konigsberg and Pegasus both sunk during World War 1.
Kathleen Satchwell opens the window on The Union-Castle Line which provided many of the ships which transported troops to and from Africa during World War 1.

Roads to the Great War published an article from the UK Foreign Office on World War 1 in Africa.

There is a mention of a YMCA Swahili phrase book used in East Africa during the war courtesty of Languages and the First World War.

In case you missed it back in 2016, Ed Yorke writes about carrier life in Northern Rhodesia.

Ann Crichton-Harris has alerted me to the fact that the Illustrated War News is freely available for 1914-1918.

Commonwealth War Graves Commission has been doing some innovative filming of memorials in East Africa. The collection below documents some of what they were doing.
renovations of memorials in East Africa
The use of technology in restoring memorials.
To see the image, click on the video
Daily Nation report
A snippet on Wavell‘s memorial
Images of the Dar memorial

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