Late February 2024

I very seldom post more than one newsletter a month… this is one of the rare occasions where I do as a few things have come to light with February or early March deadlines.

Wednesday 28 February 11am (PST, USA) Michelle Moyd is discussing German askari and Abdulzarak Gurnah’s novel Afterlives – see

In case you have missed this call for contributions to an Africa WW1 and WW2 edited collection (Fighting With the Empire: African Societies in the First and Second World Wars) – deadline is 10 March 2024.

Determining whether an image is under copyright or not is an issue many of us have to deal with. Here’s an opinion on the current state of UK image copyright.

Another topical issue which you have until 23 February 2024 to comment on is the UK Government’s proposal to destroy paper Wills. Whilst this isn’t a direct WW1 Africa issue, it will be of interest to those creating family histories and potentially to medal collectors. Tom Harford’s article was highly recommended to me last week for the research he undertook to compile it, whilst the Law Society provides a short overview of the government’s proposals.

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