June 2023

Not much new on World War 1 in Africa has come to light recently.
An article from 2018 on German war graves in SA might be of interest to some.

The next GWAA conference is planned to be in London, at the Africa Centre in Southwark, on Saturday 18 November 2023. This is the day before the next Britannia Medal fair for anyone interested, the week after the Armistice weekend and the week before the end of the war in Zambia. There will be a small charge to cover costs. Further details will be confirmed in due course but please book the date and let me know if you’re interested in attending.

Although the official call for contributions on Literature as Memory of the war in Africa has closed, if you do feel like contributing a piece, please get in touch. We are particularly looking for contributions on German and Belgian literature.

There is now an online draft translation of Boell’s History of the German East Africa campaign for anyone interested.

GWAA has also launched a magazine covering conflicts in Africa between 1914-1945, and in which Africans were involved outside of Africa. This has been in response to researchers in Africa looking for somewhere to publish material that is more easily accessible than most academic and other publications. It has also provided an opportunity to consolidate articles already on the GWAA website which might be difficult to locate. If you are looking for somewhere to publish an article, family history or such like linked with the World Wars in Africa, please get in touch. Africa at War 1914-1945 is available here.

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