June 2020

The following came in from Mel Page: I’m sure most of you will be aware of the passing of Professor Shepperson last month, at age 98, in Peterborough, UK. You may also know that the Society of Malawi Journal is seeking to publish a special issue this year remembering his legacy. The Journal’s editor, David Stuart-Mogg, has asked me to contact people who may be interested in contributing to the special issue. Although David may have already been in touch with some of you, I’m attempting to follow through on his request. Please contact him directly expressing your interest in joining me in remembering Sam in this way. Mel Page. (If you don’t know how to get in touch with Mel, please contact me)

Some thoughts on the impact of the environment on British forces in East Africa during 1914-1918.

The Wartime Memories Project is worth a search for info on ships serving in the war and a few other snippets.

This Congolese collection has some diaries/journals from the war years – see Inventaire under Outcomes, although we might have to wait for them to become accessible.

An overview of 26th Air Squadron which saw service in East Africa.

I thought this contained some rather interesting background to Dar es Salaam.

The Liddle Collection at the University of Leeds appears to hold a collection of East Africa related material. Search ‘East Africa’

Collection of photos by Sergeant CPE Fuller RAMC in GEA and at 37th British Stationary Hospital, Lumbo in Mozambique.

Daniel Steinbach on misremembered aspects of the East Africa campaign (2015)

Margaret Duncan travelled to East Africa in February 1918 to work as a Post Office Clerk. Her diaries are shared by Bristol Archive.

Mel Page has an article on song in the Malawian units of the KAR over time and into the 21st century. “A continuing legacy of song: From Asilikali Lyrics into Malawian culture” is published in The Society of Malawi Journal, 2020, 73:1. The title has been added to the GWAA bibliography.

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  1. Hello Anne.
    The catalogue of the East Africa section of the Liddle Collection indicates that it holds quite an extensive archive of material – have you used it, or know if it is as interesting as the catalogue suggests ?

  2. Hello David
    It does look an extensive archive but I haven’t yet had a chance to access the material.
    I discovered this link by chance looking for something recently and thought it worth sharing. I hadn’t picked up on Peter Liddle writing on campaigns in Africa and a search of the British Library catalogue confirms that he didn’t write anything specific about that continent’s involvement in the war.
    Perhaps others can give us more of an idea? It’s on my list for when I find myself in the Leeds area.
    All the best

    1. Good morning, Anne,
      I have used the Liddle Collection for research on my upcoming book. The staff is very helpful. With the travel restrictions we’re all dealing with, they set up a virtual archive visit using MicroSoft Teams and had a staff member flip through folder pages for me. They then scanned and sent copies of the items I needed. They hold some original stuff from K.R. van der Spuy (Peter Liddle interviewed and corresponded with vdS), as well as some personal papers from CDR R.O.B. Bridgeman, RN, who flew with No. 4 RNAS during the Koenigsberg operation and was killed on 6 Jan 1917 after a forced landing in the Rufiji delta (H.A. Jones, War in the Air, Vol 3, pp. 50-53).

    2. Anne,
      One of the more interesting items I just received (scanned PDF) from the Liddle collection is a typescript autobiography from AVM Leslie O. Brown. Brown was a lieutenant with No. 4 RNAS under CDR J.T. Cull at Maktau and Mbuyuni. When CDR E.R.C. Nanson arrives with RNAS replacements and the squadron changes designation to No. 7 RNAS (May 1916), Brown stays with the squadron to support Van Deventer and the movement from Moshi to Dodoma and the Central Railway. As an autobiography, it’s got some humorous stories about daily flying during the campaign. The West Sussex Records Office also holds a small collection of FWW East Africa items, most notably, some items from Lionel “Sos” Cohen. The original photo of Brown and Cohen in a Voisin (AM 1169) at Kondoa Irangi is held by WSRO.

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