June 2019

A fascinating image was circulated on Twitter recently. The cages look like rat-catchers to prevent plague.

Keith Steward has very kindly provided an index to Conrad Cato’s article The Navy Everywhere.

Ross Anderson has very kindly made available his publication on The Battle of Tanga which is now under his copyright. Please acknowledge accordingly if you use anything from the book.

Christian Koller article on Colonial Troop recruitment in French and British West Africa, while William Dean looks at the experience of the French West African in Europe during the war.

For readers of French, UNESCO has an article on the consequences of World War 1 in Africa.

The East India Club has an article on East Africa during World War 1.

A collection of photos by Lieutenant Robert Vincent who served with the Belgian Force Publique in the Royal Library of Belgium. Each tab contains a number of photos – click on the camera icon or document to download.

An index of Old Africa articles has been started. If you know of any relevant articles, please send the details so they can be added. They will also be available on the general bibliography.

African Studies Association supports academia in Africa. If you know of an African working on WW1 Africa who is struggling to get their work published in Europe or the USA, this might be of interest. It would be helpful to let me know too as I am liaising with various people/organisations to try and overcome the publishing hurdles all researchers of WW1 Africa seem to be facing.

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