July 2022

With the centenary of the First World War receding into history, there is less being posted on the events in Africa. However, there does seem to be a growing interest in research into the war on the continent. So to assist researchers and consolidate what is on the GWAA site, I’ve started putting together some themed posts. The first are below. (Hopefully subscribers don’t get bombarded with too many inbox notifications).
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Archival sources – https://gweaa.com/archive-sources/
British Empire Medal Rolls and Medal Cards – https://gweaa.com/british-empire-medal-rolls-and-medal-cards
Planes and Africa in World War 1 – https://gweaa.com/planes-and-africa-in-1914-1918

The British Overseas Railways Historical Trust has been updating its African Reference Sources. There is some coverage of the 1914-1918 years if you look carefully.

In the news, a statue of John Chilembwe is to be placed on the 4th plinth on Trafalgar Square (2021 announcement; TimeOut)

There have also been some updates on the CWGC Enquiry into Non-Commemoration (scroll down to the end of the page for the latest news).

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