July 2021

I’m often asked if there’s more to discover about the war in Africa – hopefully these newsletters are evidence of what more there is to discover. However, for this one, I’ve included some more obscure data sources which cover the war years. The conflict had wide-reaching tentacles.

First, an update on the Uncommemorated Project from CWGC. As part of the next steps, CWGC are looking for a Field Researcher to be based in Nairobi – see the website for details including job description.

Three talks on the war in Africa delivered at the British Military History Conference organised by National Army Museum, Western Front Association and British Commission for Military History. Talks are by Anne Samson, Ian van der Waag and Rob Johnson.

Some war time Pathe footage involving South Africans (not all years are correctly annotated)

Lists of plants and other relevant botanical info known around World War 1 in East Africa (Amani Research Institute)

Malaria in World War 1 – more than East Africa, includes statistics

Medical services in Northern Rhodesia during World War 1 by Cripwell

Domestic equines in Tanzania – including use in World War 1

Interested in the weather in Africa during the war years? This might be of help – list of weather stations across Africa; links to documents

Kionga Triangle stamps from 1916; and a postal history of German stamps in East Africa

Other Portuguese documents covering the war in Africa

Medals for those who served in East Africa

Livingstone Police Memorial

One of our members is looking to find a new home for their history collection. The recipient(s) are asked to cover the postage/delivery costs from Canada. If you are interested in the collection please let me know.

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