July 2016 update

Don’t forget the Battlefield Tour – bookings for 2017 are now open.

Calls for input…
Jerry Rillings is still looking for some people to write introductions to aspects of the WW1 East Africa bibliography he’s compiling. If you’re interested, please contact him directly through the member only pages or through Anne: thesamsonsed[@]gmail.com.

If you are UK-based and have an interest in WW1 African medical aspects, please get in touch with Anne: thesamsonsed[@]gmail.com.

A local West Midlands project looking at African and Caribbean servicemen in WW1 is underway – there is a launch event on 14 July in Birmingham. See the calendar for details. Angie is looking for people to get involved…

Also, if you know of any West African local accounts or diaries of World War 1, please let Anne know – the African Heritage and Education Centre are researching the West African ‘home front’.

New additions to the website
Norman Parsons Jewell photo catalogue to accompany his memoir On Call in Africa 1910-1932 covering his years as a doctor with the 3rd East African Field Ambulance.

French commemorative medal for Africa

Brian Duncan’s novel The lion and the leopard set in World War 1 Nyasaland and the Rhodesias is now available on Kindle; paperback edition is due soon through Smashwords.

The Great War videos on World War 1 Africa
The Lion of Africa – Paul von Lettow-Vorbeck I WHO DID WHAT IN WW1? 7min youtube summary of the man
GEA overview (9mins)
South Africa in WW1 (10mins)

BBC Africa panel on WW1 Africa, Dar-es-Salaam April 2015
Thanks to Richard Jewell for bringing these to attention.

New Forum material
South African Armoured Warfare Studies Group will welcome speakers on World War 1 aspects.

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