January 2021

Thank you to the members who have added comments on archives to the June 2020 and November 2020 newsletters.

Professor Peter Stanley discusses with Dr Richard Dunley & Lieutenant Tim Döbler, FGN the German naval activities off East Africa and the role of HMAS Pioneer in the campaign to counter the German cruiser Königsberg. (link supplied by a couple of members – thank you).

For anyone interested in the official statistics of the war including East Africa, the 1922 publication is available. Figures in this document differ to those in the Official History released in 1942.

The Belgian Colonial Archive has some photographs of the Force Publique etc.

The Government Gazettes for South West Africa (Namibia) whilst it was under South African military administration (1915-1922) are available online (scroll down past the red block to get the date links and click on edition numbers to get the actual gazette rather than the index)

In case you haven’t seen the National Army Museum’s summary of the war in East Africa (thanks Paul).

I recently discovered this business survey on East Africa in 1917. Life continued during the war…

Medal collectors might be interested in Military Medals of South Africa. There’s a page dedicated to World War 1. (thanks to Paul for this link)

The following books are for sale through the GWAA, including the BSAP collection

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  1. For those who listened to the podcast on the Konigsberg / Pioneer debate from Australia, I noticed a number of inaccuracies and it is sometimes difficult to understand the German speaker.
    Dates, chronological order and facts are incorrect and importantly HMAS Pioneer was a sister ship to the Pegasus sunk at Zanzibar by the Konigsberg. Overall a disappointing talk. If any one has questions feel free to contact me…

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