Novels featuring the East Africa campaign

For the complete up-to-date list of fiction and other literature available on the war in Africa, see Link

Gertrude Page (1915)  Follow after

Gertrude Page (1925) Far from the limelight (about the war in N Rhodesia)

Friedrich Wilhelm Mader (1927) Die Helden von Ost-Afrika

CS Forrester (1935) The African Queen (also a film starring Humphrey Bogart and Katherine Hepburn)

Christen P. Christensen’s (1937) Sønderjyder forsvarer Østafrika 1914-18

Friedrich Wilhelm Mader (1938) Die Schlacht bei Tanga Erzahlung aus dem Weltkrieg

Elspeth Huxley (1939) Red Strangers

Viera, Josef (1943) Deutsch-Ostafrika unverloren! Erzählung aus den deutschen Kolonialkämpfen im Weltkrieg

Wilbur Smith (1968) Shout at the devil (also a film starring Roger Moore and Lee Marvin, 1976)

Alan Scholefield (1974) Lion in the evening

Alan Scholefield (1976) The alpha raid

William Stevenson (1980) The Ghosts of Africa

William Boyd (1982) An ice-cream war (shortlisted for Booker Prize)

Hamilton Wende (2006) The king’s shilling: A novel

Wilbur Smith (2008) Assegai

Alex Capus (2009) A matter of time Review

William Powell (2011) Chui and Sadaka

Christopher Dow (2012) Lord of the Loincloth: The Adventures of the Royal Naval African Expedition and Its Intrepid Leader, Commander Geoffrey Basil Spicer-Simson Review

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