Film on the East Africa Campaign

Cherry Kearton (1916) Operations of the British Expeditionary Forces in East Africa
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CS Forrester (1935) The African Queen (starring Humphrey Bogart and Katherine Hepburn)

Richard Heermance, dir (1953) The Royal African Rifles (also known as The Queen’s African Rifles or Storm over Africa)

Wilbur Smith (1976) Shout at the devil (starring Roger Moore and Lee Marvin)

George Lucas, dir (1992, Apr) The young Indiana Jones: The phantom train of doom: German East Africa, December 1916
6min snippet at

Hanne Schoen-Muanda, Reisen in die Vergangenheit: Hanne Schön-Muanda in Tansania; Folge 6 (30 Min.) Deutsche Erstausstrahlung: Di 29.12.1998 WDR

Weber, C & Lint, D, exec producers (1999) The jungle navy (National Geographic Television)

NTV Kenya (2011) Salaita Hills:1st World War crucial battle field (3.54mins)

World News, (2012) HMS Fifi and Battle for Lake Tanganyika


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