Books and articles on the African Campaigns

A complete list of books (known to date), including biographies, autobiographies, chapters and parts, sections, mentions, articles and reviews. (If you know of a book, article etc which is not on the list, please let us know)

Articles supplied by members
Ross Anderson – Battle for Tanga

Richard Sneyd – East Africa Campaign 1914-1918: The Faridkot Sappers and Miners (2014, 9MB file)

Brian Tarpey – Frontiersmen in hospitals

Mark Thatcher – Lettow-Vorbeck and the Askaris in German East Africa, 1914-1918

Harry Fecitt – see Chronology of the campaign
Harry Fecitt – Born to be a machine gunner: Captain Harold Charles de Courcy Evans
Harry Fecitt – The 5th Light Infantry in East Africa (see also Kamerun)
Harry Fecitt – 25th Cavalry in GEA and PEA, September 1917-February 1918
Harry Fecitt – 30th Punjabis at Tandamuti Hill and Nakadi
Harry Fecitt – 40th Pathans in East Africa 1916-1918
Harry Fecitt – ‘The Foreign Service half of 1 King’s African Rifles – Nyasaland Askari in British and German East Africa part 1: August 1914 to January 1915
Harry Fecitt – ‘The Foreign Service half of 1 King’s African Rifles – Nyasaland Askari in British and German East Africa part 2: February 1915 to March 1916
Harry Fecitt – The Third Battalion of 2nd King’s African Rifles in German East AFrica in 1917
Harry Fecitt – The 4th Battalion of the 4th Regiment (Uganda) of the King’s African Rifles in the Great War
Harry Fecitt – The Native Scouts of the 2nd Battalion The Rhodesia Regiment
Harry Fecitt – The 17th Cavalry East Africa Squadron
Harry Fecitt – 22nd Derajat Pack Battery in East Africa Dec 1916 – Dec 1918
Harry Fecitt – The 57th Wilde’s Rifles (Frontier Force), Indian Army, in German East Africa
Harry Fecitt – The Indian Railway Corps, East African Expeditionary Force_1
Harry Fecitt – Somaliland: The raising and first operations of the Somaliland Camel Corps November 1914 to February 1915
Harry Fecitt – 1st/2nd 2KAR at Kibata
Harry Fecitt – The Mgeta River
Harry Fecitt – The battle for Latema-Reata Nek
Harry Fecitt – The advance beyond Kilimanjaro
Harry Fecitt – Rumbo, German East Africa
Harry Fecitt – Out on a limb
Harry Fecitt – November 1918 in East Africa
Harry Fecitt – Medo and Mbalama Hill, Portuguese East Africa, April 1918
Harry Fecitt – Kisangire and Kisiju
Harry Fecitt – Indian volunteers in the Great War East African campaign
Harry Fecitt – Fighting for the Rufiji Crossing
Harry Fecitt – 1st/2nd King’s African Rifles at Yangwani and Schaeffer’s Farm

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