Pike Report GEA – Appendix 1

Extracts from Standing Orders for the African Native Medical Corps for compliance by Officers to whom ANMC are attached.
Published under Para 1884, King’s Regulations
Printed: The Hassan Printing Press, Daressalaam
Section 1: OC Corps
OC Corps Duties: 1. Subject to the approval of the DMS, he will perform duties connected with promotions, transfers, postings of personnelof Corps. He is authorised to correspond direct with Officers concerned on Corps questions. He or his Adjutant will issue and sign Corps Orders connected with promotion. All promotions and advancements to higher rate of Corps pay are made at Corps Headquarters, Dar-es-Salaam. OC Corps or a specially appointed Officer will visit Units for the purpose of adjusting Corps questions.

Section 2: Duties of ANMC
2. ANMC will only be employed for those duties for which they were recruited. It must be remembered that enlistments into this Corps have been voluntary and for the performance of skilled medical work, not for that of Stretcher Bearers, or sweepers, waterboys and other menials for whom application will be made to the proper quarter.
ANMC are attested soldiers and are on the same footing as other African Troops.

Section 3: OsC Medical Units and MOs of Regiments to which ANMC are attached
Records; Clothing and Equipment. 3. He will see that the records of men posted to him are correctly kept and up to date, and that they are in safe custody. On arrival of details or when men are transferred to another unit, he will examine their Record sheets and check issues of clothing and kit. He will examine pay books and see that promotions, advancements to higher rate of pay and reversions to lower rate of pay are entered in (p92) books. Deficiencies in clothing and kit will be indented for direct on the nearest Ordnance Officer. On transfer of details he will forward their Record sheets direct to their new CO.

Os C Units are responsible that their men are properly clothed and equipped according to scale (See appendix 4), renewals being made as required.

Promotions. 4. Promotions are made entirely on recommendatios from Os C Units. All recommendatios are given effect to as far as establishment permits.

Entries on Record Sheets. 5. He will see that the following entries are made on the Record sheets which will always accompany he men.
a) Punishments.
b) Promotions and advancements to higher rate of pay.
c) Reversions
d) Special training and qualifications, languages.
e) Issues of clothing and equipment.

Returns. 6. He will render the following return to the OC Corps, Dar-es-Salaam.

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