Centenary Projects on Africa

The following is a complete list of known projects with an African focus funded by UK funding bodies into the Great War. Inclusion does not equate with endorsement. The GWAA was involved with projects in bold.
What it was all about can be seen in this press release.

Away from the Western Front

Beyond the Trenches: Diverse Perspectives on a Global Conflict: Migrant Voices and Living Legacies of World War One”: North West Migrants Forum in Derry~Londonderry

Breaking the Myths: Diversity House

The Sikhs and World War 1: Empire, Faith and War

South Asians in WW1: Far from the Western Front

Out of the Shadows: 1914-18 Perspectives of Colonised People: Southern Voices

Never Such Innocence, book 4

Somalis in the First World War: Somali Advice and Forum of Information
sadly the information contained in this exhibition was not World War 1 related; the medals referred to are for WW2 service

The contribution of Africans to the First World War: CiC Cultures

The impact of World War 1: AHEC (research only)

They also served: Churches Together

Voices Project: Stories of Omission: Conflict and the experience of Black soldiers [Recognize Black Heritage & Culture and University of Birmingham]
Minding Black Histories in War Times: Remembering, Acknowledging and Documenting Contributions of Black Poppies in WWI [African Community Heritage Hub and Birmingham City University]
From World War 1 to World Conflicts Today: a comparative study of changing narrations of war and peace in a superdiverse East Birmingham community [Unity Hubb, St Margaret’s Community Trust, and University of Birmingham]

War and colonies 1914-1918 [DO NOT click on the article links – dubious site]

Other commemoration projects/events concerning Africa
African and Caribbean Memorial in Brixton
Namibian Museums
Portuguese Memorial
Rwanda Museums [article link does not work]
The head and the load – William Kentridge
The Lost men France and review – Paul Emmanuel

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