Home fronts

The First World War in Africa saw home fronts away from the battle front as well as home fronts becoming the battle front. Rural areas, villages, towns and cities were all caught up in the inferno, providing food and material or
housing prisoners.

This section will be contain information and links on different aspects of the home front across the theatres in Africa. Specific groups will also feature – refered to as micro-nations

Looking after prisoners of war and internees was often part of ‘home front’ life.
In South West Africa, the camp at Aus was initially used to house South Africans captured during the 1914-15 campaign and then the Germans who surrendered in July 1915 along with others who had been captured.
Namibia 1on1 has some recent photos the camp at Aus and an introduction.

More generally, Tilman Dedering wrote an article on South African camps for the 1914-18 Encyclopaedia.

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