Great War in Africa Conference, 2015 – Stellenbosch: Book your place

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The First World War has shaped the world in which we live. The emphasis has fallen heavily upon the Western Front. Increasing light has also been shed on the many forms of participation that reflect the “global”, “modern” and “total” nature of this conflict. The war marked critical culminations in decision-making on neutrality and political-military relations with imperial masters and witnessed sudden, urgent activity in force design and preparation, increasing wartime industrial output, and the battle to win the hearts of nations often fractured along lines of race, class, and nationality within imperial contexts.

This conference seeks to examine the African campaigns of the war and the naval operations in African waters and explore the implications these held for the peoples of this continent. The conference is being hosted in the same week as the biennial conference of the South African Historical Society.

Provisional list of speakers

Conference Registration Formto be completed by 31 May 2015

Accommodation details

If you are interested in staying the rest of the week and attending the South African History Association Conference which will also have some WW1 papers, see here.

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