February 2023

It’s been rather quiet on the First World War Africa front these past few months. Hopefully more will come to light in the next while…
Although there isn’t anything specific on Africa in this 77 page World War 1 book catalogue, I’m circulating it as I know many have wider interests in the war.

Various titles have been added to the GWAA bibliography of books published during 2022. If you know of any not on the list, please let me know. Sort on the date published column to save you having to scroll through: https://gweaa.com/home/theatres/?pagename=home%2Ftheatres&file=a%2BBibliography_Books-Articles-Reviews-Film%2Band%2Bmore.xlsx

CWGC commemoration updates:
Karungu and Kisii
A short video was produced in November on the work of the Commission in Kenya – see https://www.cwgc.org/our-work/news/kwaheri-mutava-discover-more-about-the-work-of-our-world-war-heritage-team-in-africa/ for the report and https://youtu.be/bWLwUfaN4I0 for the video, if the link in the report does not work.

For your 2023 Diary: The Seventh East African Remembrance Weekend will be held on: Friday 24th and Saturday 25th November 2023 in Tsavo, Kenya.
The Guerrillas of Tsvao team reported:

As a result of all those who have participated over the years; the Taita Taveta East African
Remembrance Weekend has now been firmly fixed as an annual event for the future.
During this year’s high-profile weekend, His Excellency, the Governor of Taita Taveta
County, accompanied representatives from 9 diplomatic missions, including the British
High Commissioner and Indian High Commissioner, to Services of Remembrance at Voi,
Mwashoti, Maktau and Taveta.
The Guerrillas of Tsavo Team take this opportunity to thank:
 His Excellency, Andrew Mwadime the Governor of Taita Taveta County for his
enthusiastic support.
 The Kenya Defence Forces for adding pomp and ceremony to the weekend.
 The Diplomatic corps for their continuing support and encouragement.
 The Commonwealth War Graves Commission for their dedication to preserving the
graves and names of all those who paid the ultimate price while serving in East
Africa and around the world.
 Friends and partners who continue to participate and contribute to the
remembrance of the East African Campaign of WW1.
 And finally, to the Communities of Taita Taveta, the custodians of a unique chapter
in Kenyan and World History.

The weekend also saw the ground breaking ceremony for the sit of the new Indian Memorial Pillar which will be part of an Indian “Trail of Remembrance” of sites around the world where Indians have been killed (see here for the background to the Trail of Remembrance)

Since our last newsletter, news came through of the death of Bruce Rooken-Smith on 3 November. Bruce took an active role in helping clarify Kenya units such as the East African Mounted Rifles which filtered into the GWAA List of Survived and Died.

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