February 2019

A drum given to Louis Botha by a chief in 1916 was sold on auction in 2013.

For those interested in mail of the campaign, here are two items which were up for auction in 2010.

Olive Schriener’s letters have been put online. There are a few dealing with her thoughts of South Africa in the war (see topic SA changes 1914-1920).

More on the Battle for Saisi

Some photos of 1 Rhodesian Regiment in 1914.
Another photo – this one of 1916 Armoured vehicle with spare bicycle tyre

A couple of men who served in Africa during WW1 are mentioned in this Legion of Frontiersmen article
A very short diary extract (video) on Cameroon 1916

The sad reality of so many African memorials. If anyone has a photograph or list of names on the Bez Valley memorial, please send it in so the names can be recorded on the In Memory lists. And perhaps a photo of it in its heyday for the Memorial page?

Iringa Boma has information on
– Schutztruppe and Askaris in Iringa
– German and British WW 1 memorial and graves at the commonwealth graveyard
– History of Max Poppe, Hauptmann in the Lettow-Vorbeck troop and grandfather of Zacharia and Caesar
– British seizure of Iringa in 1916
as well as related topics:
– Everything about the Hehe-German wars
– Battles of Lugalo and Kalenga in details
– Tom von Prince in Iringa
– Maji Maji in Iringa
visits can be arranged to the local war graves cemetery.
If you know of any other similar places, please let me know so they can be added to the list to assist others wanting to visit.

If anyone is interested in pursuing some research into Chinese involvement in East Africa during World War 1, I recently extrapolated the basics from two War Diaries as a starting point.

And the Forgotten Heroes exhibition, Singularity of Peace, continues at Manbre Wharf Hammersmith until 29 March 2019. To view the exhibition which contains photos of Africa in World War One, you need to book by email.

This month’s added books:

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