February 2016 – Appeal and site updates

Appeal for copyright owners to make contact: To finalise the publication of The Lake Tanganyika Expedition: A Primary Source Chronology, we need to make contact with the copyright holders of the Expedition team members: Magee, Tasker, Wainright, Cross, Spicer-Simson, Malleson, Waterhouse as well as others involved such as Belgian commander Moulaert and German commander Zimmer.
For another project, the copyright holder of Ludwig Boell’s papers is also being sought.
If anyone knows the copyright holder, please ask them to get in touch with me
Note: the copyright holder is most likely to be a family member or their estate, not the owner/holder of the manuscripts, diaries etc.
UK legislation changed in September 2015 concerning copyright holders. A summary of the current situation will be posted on the site during February.

Additions and updates made during January 2016.

African Archive Guide – format changed to excel spreadsheet for easier access
The Battle of Tanga by Ross Anderson, courtesy of Ross who retains copyright on the publication. It is in the Members’ only section.

New Forum Posts
Podcast Fans: Hardcore history – not specifically WW1 Africa but might be of interest generally
A Boer in the British Army

Don’t forget to keep an eye on the diary for calls for papers, conferences and events concerning World War 1 in Africa.

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