December 2018

As might be expected the centenary of the end of the war dominates in the links below. Compared with coverage of events in 2004, it is clear the war in Africa has become more widely known across the globe. The next challenge is dispelling many of the myths which stil seem to be reproduced on a regular basis…

Exhibition in Klerksdorp, South Africa

Articles on the war in Africa
Al Jazeera on the untold history of World War 1 in Africa.

East Africa and Egypt feature in passing in this article on Indian contributions to WW1. Thanks to Richard Jewell for bringing it to attention.

Three articles recently appeared on the South African Heritage Portal concerning South Africa in World War 1, the end of the war in Africa and German graves in Kakamas.

Andrew Kerr shares some info on the Jammu Kashmir Rifles for the London Dogra Community (video)

Peter Dickinson on the history of South African representation at the London Cenotaph

The Nigerian Regiment was the focus of an article in the Nigerian Leadership Newspaper on 18 November 2018, while The Times of Zambia featured the war in Zambia. The Kenyan Standard carried at least two articles: Where are the Africans and How the Standard covered the war. The Herald in Zimbabwe looked at the popular myth-perpetuating exhibitions of the African campaigns – better than nothing… For those who subscribe to the UK Times there is a subscription article on the war in Africa. And the BBC mentioned Kenya.
Tom Lawrence let the Independent know about the war in Africa in a letter
Die Welt also carried an article (note: the date of the first photo is incorrect; are the askari in the second photo WW1 or WW2? can someone verify photo 3 being the laying down of arms? It looks pre-war to me)

James Willson was interviewed on the display and commemorations in Tsavo.

HHR White, 25th Royal Fusiliers (Legion of Frontiersmen)

A slightly different take on the war in Africa

And for a brief mention of World War 1 in Malawi, Mel Page shares his experiences of a 1991 visit to the country which features in his The Chiwaya War: Malawians and the First World War (Westview, 2000)

Thank you
A huge thank you to John Webb for supplying the names of the 100 men of the RGA 134 (Cornwall) unit which served in East Africa. These have all been added to the In Memory list

For sale and Recent publications
A couple of paintings by Sue Casson ( and of motor vehicles in East Africa are available for purchase from someone in East Africa. If you are interested, please email Anne

Contributors to the publications, please contact Anne to ensure you get your author/contributor discount.

Zambia – the end of the war in Africa, 25 November 1918-25 November 2018

There came a time: Essays on the Great War in Africa – edited collection

Cinderella’s Soldiers: The Nyasaland Volunteer Reserve – Peter Charlton

Breaking the Myths: We Remember World War 1 in Africa – Diversity House

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