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I recently acquired from the following history:

Glenk H, Blaich H, Gatter P (2011) Shattered Dreams at Kilimanjaro. Trafford Publishing

It covers Tanzania circa 1880-1961 and tells the story of a group of German settlers (mainly from the Templer settlements in Palestine) who ventured to German East to establish farms and plantations in the Usambara region. The period 1890-1914 is excellently covered, and one gets a profound insight into the social dynamics of German East society; its work culture; details on settlers’ successes and failures; and an all-round panorama of what life was like for colonial settlers. Practically every page of this 250-page book has an authentic photograph from the era – most I have not not seen in other works, and they are all excellent quality and serve to enhance one’s appreciation of the era tremendously. For those interested in deep social background of the population (the military campaigns are covered relatively briefly, the focus being on how the population was affected), I recommend this book highly. It’s under $30, which makes it excellent value for money.


Author: iongeorgiou

I grew up in Kenya, Madagascar, and Egypt in the 1970s. Today I live in Brazil. I have always been interested in the history of East Africa, c. 1900-1940. Some years ago I discovered details of the East Africa WWI campaigns and have been reading about them ever since. I am interested not only in the military history, but also in the sociological history of the period, as well as in the lives of the characters that shaped the times. Interested in the WW1 East African Campaign.

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