August 2018 Update

For those interested, you can see William Kentridge’s production of The Head and the Load online until 24 August.

Although the exhibition has now ended, this looks to have a very useful map showing basic Belgian movements in East Africa.

Did you know that 32 Congolese troops served in Europe? I discovered this thanks to the Belgian Minister Counsellor to Britain pointing me in the direction of Sophie de Schaepdrijver.

Andy Olver has written about Southern Rhodesia on the Western Front during World War 1
This article contains mention of Rhodesian and South African soldiers named on the Menin Gate.
Rhodesian units which served in Africa during WW1.

For a slightly different look at the war, Bill Nasson has written about the Home Front and economies in South Africa for the 1914-18 Encyclopedia

Possibly still one of the best overviews of the SANLC.

The Legion of Frontiersmen have posted some info on the 9000 which includes those who served in East Africa.

And, in case you missed it, some comments have been posted on previous posts:
Harry Fecitt on Lettow-Vorbeck
David Boyd on Road Corps

Finally, Michelle Moyd (author of Violent Intermediaries) asks some pertinent questions when dealing with images – context is crucial

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