April 2019

Why South African Wijnand Vic Hamman who died in France in 1917 has two graves – by Emile Coetzee

Thomas Royer has started bringing together information on Zanzibar in WW1.

Michelle Moyd’s Ordeal and Opportunity: Ending the First World War in Africa was published in The Fletcher Forum of World Affairs, Winter 2019, vol 43:1

Fernando Rita on The First World War in Mozambique and
Luis Barroso on The First World War in Angola

There is an interesting forum discussion about the Konigsberg guns and what happened to them after the war. A pity I didn’t have the info for an article published in SA in November.

Following some enquiries around Namibia/South West Africa recently, this 2015 review might be of interest. And a search on Namibiana.

Geoff Pocock has a collection of essays published in The Frontiers of Truth – accounts of the Legion of Frontiersmen, some of whom served with the 25th Royal Fusiliers in East Africa.

Douglas Duncan, the grandson of EL Lindsay who was present at the laying down on arms on 25 November 1918 is having his grandfather’s photographs enhanced and which will be available for purchase. If you are interested, please let me know so I can put you in touch with Douglas.

Don’t forget to see what’s in the bookshop. More coming in the next few weeks.

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