January 2016

Happy New Year to all members and visitors

The past year has seen quite a few developments, not least the look of the site.
I hope this cleaner look is more user friendly – please let me know.

Member Interests
To make life easier in finding others working on similar areas, I’ve listed all members based on information you supplied when registering. You can now see who the members are and if they have a specific interest by going to About GWAA. If I have allocated you to a section you feel is inappropriate or I have any information incorrect, let me know. Silence means acceptance.

Please note the Membership page only has your name/user name and no other details. For members who have given permission for their email details to be available to others, these can be found under the password required pages. Note, the Member Contact page has its own special password which is different to the Member Pages password. If you are a member and want access to Member details, please email me giving permission for your details to be included on the listing. I will then send you the necessary password.

During the next year, I’ll be adding a separate page identifying academics working on the various African theatres (or at least those who have presented related conference papers)

If you haven’t yet seen that the call for participation for the 2016 Great War in Africa Conference closes at the end of January, please see the posting for details.
The registration form including details of how to pay the attendance fee are now available too

Updates to site
The In Memory lists have been updated as has the Bibliography. If you use them, you’ll notice in the latter that some names are in bold. These titles need to be checked before being integrated. Those highlighted on the article page have been checked.
Thanks to all who supplied new information. Please continue to do so as the site’s value lies in our collective knowledge. Material which was sent during the year which has not yet made t onto the site will be added in the next month.

As usual, if you have written any articles, published any books or know of people who have, please send the titles in too.

Future developments
2016 is looking to be a busy year for the centenary of the war in Africa. As people are becoming more aware of the war on the African continent so more conferences are taking place. These are regularly updated on the Forthcoming Events calendar.

Arrangements are being finalised for a battlefield tour/excursion around Kilimanjaro following the footsteps of van Deventer and Stewart in taking Moshi. If you are interested in hearing more, please let me know. It’s currently looking as though a two-week (?16 day) trip will be about $2,000.

As noted in November, it had been hoped to have a publication on The Lake Tanganyika Expedition out by now. Howver, changes in the copyright and intellectual property right laws in September have caused this to be delayed. Volume 1 will be out as soon as possible and definitely before the May Conference. Other publications are expected to be produced during the year. For further information, please don’t hesitate to ask. New released will be notified and where possible reviews.

with the best of wishes for 2016

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