Sources of information and links

Sources of Information

List of Books, articles, poetry, novels, films, pamphlets and online newspapers of the African campaigns (searchable on theatre, language, author, title, and more; includes links to sellers where relevant).

Non-fiction on the Great War in East Africa
Novels and films on the East Africa Campaign (chronological order taken from the list above).

Oliver Schulten has produced a 212 page Bibliography of the African theatres of World War 1. The titles from this edition still need to be cross-referenced with the GWAA bibliography for researchers wanting access to other information about the texts.

Articles from 1914-1918 contains articles published during the war including a section on Africa

Free online books and newspapers contains some books relevant to Africa in World War 1 – always worth a check

Harry’s Africa: contains short summary articles on campaigns in Africa. These are also linked chronologically from It happened on…

Other links

The organisations and websites below have links to the Great War in Africa or members interested in the theatre.

1914-1918 Le Musee Virtuel:

14-18 Mission Centenaire:

25th Royal Fusiliers:

Africa in Words:

African Studies Association of the UK:

Aerodrome Forum:

Ancestors of Nigel (O’Neil) Driscoll:

Anne Samson Historian:

Armchair General:

Auckland City Library for photos on GSWA and EA:

Axis History:

Belgian State Archives:

Belgian Weapons and Warfare:

Blackwood Magazine 1918 (852 pages):

Boer Rebels and the Kaiser’s Men:

Botswana Society:

Britain-Zimbabwe Association:

British and Commonwealth Military Badge Forum:

British Empire at War Research Group:

British South Africa Police:

Britain-Tanzania Society:

Cambridge Forecast Group – Colonial and Military globalisation World War 1 in Africa:

Centenary News:

Commonwealth War Graves Commission:

Comrades Marathon (South Africa) is run every year in honour of those who fought in the East Africa Campaign:

Cross & Cockade International (air war):

Chakoten: Danish Military Historical Society:

Cultural Exchange in a time of global conflict: Colonials, Neutrals and Beligerents during the First World War

Der Bildbestand der Deutschen Kolonialgesellschaft in der Universitätsbibliothek
Frankfurt am Main:

Deutsches Historisches Museum:

Deutsche Schutzgebiete:

Deutsch-Sudwes Afrika: Kassenscheine des Gouvernements 1914:

Diversity House: Breaking the myths
Oral History soundcloud

East Africa Study Circle Library:

Europeana 1914-1918:

Evangelical Lutheran Church of Tanzania in Moshi, Tanzania (contains some records related to the war years 1914-1918):;r=41

First World War Film Archive (films made during WW1):

First World War Poetry Digital Archive: contains some letters and photos of EA

First World War Society:

First World War Studies Collaborative Bibliography: (note: the African titles are supplied by GWAA and do not contain autobiographies or biographies)

Force Publique:

Forces Postal History Society:

Forgotten Heroes 1914-1918 (North Africans)

Forum Eerste Wereldoorlog:

Friends of East Africa:

Genealogy Luderitz, Namibia 1909-1919:

Gentleman’s Military Interest Group:

German Colonial Uniforms (Guns of SMS Konigsberg; Aircraft):

German Colonies Collectors’ Group – Vorlaufer:

German History Documents (German Historical Institute):

German South West Africa – Order of Battle (list of contingents involved):

German War Memorial Website:

Germany on Stamps: [click on html links for webpages]

gillww1: contains information on KAR; RNAS in East Africa

Good Reads:

Great North Road:

Great War Blog:

Great War Forum:

The Great War: WW1 Online
see the Youtube channel link

Guide to First World War Collections (JISC)
Guide to First World War Collections (This JISC guide provides information on which archive, museum or library across the UK has material relevant to the First World War)


Ike Skelton Combined Arms Research Library Digital Library

IlissAfrica (online library for SubSahara Africa):

Imperial War Museum, London: (documents and photos)
East Africa search: here

Index of the Regiments and Corps of South Africa:

Indian Military Historical Society:

In From the Cold:

International Guild of Battlefield Guides:

International Network for the study of Africa and the Great War:

KAR in German East Africa:

King’s African Rifles and East African Forces Association:

Konigsberg; Tanzania and German East Africa – an overview of the war

Lancashire Infantry Museum:

Lead Adventure Forum:

Legion of Frontiersmen:

Lettow-Vorbeck Family site:

Lettow-Vorbeck – books on… (German website):

Library of Congress newspaper collection

Liddell Hart Collection, King’s College London:

Machine Gun Corps Old Comrades Association:

Masonic Great War Project:

Memorial Gates Trust, Constitution Hill, London:

“Memórias da I Guerra Mundial (1914-1918)” [Memories of the First World War (1914-1918):órias-da-I-Guerra-Mundial-1914-1918/185749874875651

Military Discussion Forum:

Military History Society:

Monuments in Namibia (South West Africa):

The National Archives, London:
See this link for finding information on WW1
Africa blog posts including WW1

The National Archives, London ‘Through a lens’ collection of photographs:

Naval History:

New Rhodesian Forum:

Northern Rhodesia and Zambia:

Northern Tanzania (an information resource from published sources):

On Call in Africa 1910-1932 – Dr Norman Parsons Jewell in Seychelles and East Africa:

Orders and Medals Society:

Penn State African Photos Collection:

The Regimental Museum of the Transvaal Scottish:


Research Kenya: database of theses and dissertations completed in/about Kenya

Rhodesian African Rifles:

Rhodesia Army Association:


Royal Legion of Frontiersmen:

Royal Logistics Corps (for Army Service Corps records):

Royal Museum of the Army and Military History, Brussels, Belgium:”

Royal Naval Medal Index:

SAAF Forum:

Samuel Steele Collection, University of Alberta (Legion of Frontiersmen):

Society of Malawi:

South African Legion:

South African Military History Society:

South African Military Units:

South African Military Veterans Association of Australia:

South African National Archives:

South African National Defence Archives:

South African War Graves has the names and cemeteries of those who died in South Africa during World War One:

Stichting Studiecentrum Eerste Wereldoorlog:

Swedish-Tanzania Association:

Token Coins:


UK Tanzania Research Network:

Volksbund (German War Graves):

War Office Archive (British):


Western Front Association:

Witwatersrand Rifles:

World War 1 Bridges – Italy:

World War One Centenary: Continuations and Beginnings:

World War One Collections:

World War 1 Document Archive with link to World War 1 Discussion List:

World War 1 documenting the first total war of the Twentieth Century (Yale University):

World War One Historical Association:

World War One Historical Association – Tripwire:

World War One Historical sites in Kenya:

World War One in Africa Project:

Yahoo Groups (GreatWarColonial):

The Yorkshire Regiment:

Zentrum Moderner Orient (ZMO):

If you know of relevant information which is not on the list, please let us know through the Forum

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