In Memory

This page and its links are dedicated to those who were directly involved in the war in Africa. It includes the names of all those affected, whether soldier or civilian and where known memorials are.

This is a work in progress and gaps exist – please feel free to contribute the names and places you have or any corrections to be made. Where appropriate, links to articles and references have been added.

East Africa – contains the names of those involved, Forces, Naval vessels, Mission Names, and changed place names. The file is 2.7MB and contains nearly 20,000 names at 2 Jan 2016.
25th Royal Fusiliers who lost their lives after serving in East Africa

Database – Soldiers died in East Africa during the First World War has been compiled by Per Finstead from the Commonwealth War Graves Commission site. The spreadsheet has links to the relevant CWGC entry for each soldier mentioned. (Note, some on the list may have died in South West Africa and there may also be a few errors. As per usual, please let us know).

Southern Africa – contains the names of those involved in GSWA, Angola and the SA Rebellion, as well as changed place names. File contains 3561 names at 8 Feb 2015.
South West African German Colonial Troop Graves at Aus

West and North Africa – contains the names of those involved in the West African campaigns and those who served in North Africa. File contained 189 names at 8 Feb 2015

Memorials, displays and centenary events can be found here

Force numbers
The numbers below are the most accurate to date. However, new information came to light at the end of 2015 which will result in these numbers being updated as soon as possible.

Northern Rhodesia Force on Northey’s appointment January 1915 = 1,707
77 – European Officers
880 – Rank
750 – Native troops

Portuguese casualties (Silvia Correira)
East Africa = 13,872
4811 – dead
1600 – disabled
5500 – missing
1283 – injured
678 – prisoners

Angola = 2,133
818 – dead
683 – disabled
200 – missing
372 – injured
68 – prisoners

Uganda (Edward Paice)
200 – European/Indian volunteers
3000 – Baganda Spearmen
15000 – reserve

Germans (Boell & Paice)
218 – European and German NCO (130 combatants)
2542 – Askari (Schutztruppe)
55 – European officers and NCO paramilitary police
2160 – Askari paramilitary police
1670 – European reservists and sailors in port
(192 marines from Mowe, 322 marines from Konigsberg)
3526 – males on the 1913 census

Belgians (Delpierre)
18000 men locally recruited (1 European : 50 Black Africans)
1895 – lives lost

South African Rebellion (15 Sept-12 Nov 1914)
11472 – rebels
32000 – government troops

137 courts martial in East Africa during the war