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Following discussions with various researchers over the years and the challenges faced in trying to access archival material on the African continent in particular, but not exclusively, it was agreed at the 2014 Great War in Africa conference to compile a guide to assist fellow researchers. If you have worked in an archive on African material concerning World War 1 please share your experiences using the headings on the attached file as a guide. Names of contributors are not going to be included unless specifically requested as it is acknowledged that some archives are not in the best condition. The intention of this site is not to criticize the archive but to help ease the researcher’s visit given the pressures of time and cost when in a foreign country.

African Archive Guide (updated August 2017)
List of contents contained in World War 1 related series at The National Archives, London:
CO 445 pieces 34-43 (West African Frontier Force)

Some British Government Confidential Print documents have been digitised by Matthew Arnold. There are some World War 1 related documents in the collection.

Other sites which may contain some useful archival material.
The SNAC (Social Networks and Archival Context) project for finding multiple archival sources for individuals.
The Endangered Archive Project
SCOLMA’s Africa Desk for libraries and archives containing African material.

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  1. As a retired Canadian who is a volunteer in a lifelong learning college I have worked on preparing and teaching some WW1 short courses. However as I read it is apparent that many aspects of the war are never really talked about and the events in Africa and Asia are in that category. while I can get many books that are more British in origin I would like to be guided in obtaining material from an African perspective. As a complete “novice” in this area any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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