African freedom fighters and World War 1

In addition to those who became leaders of African countries, there were numerous freedom fighters (also referred to as terrorists by opposition groups) who were influenced by the First World War. Many on this list did not see their countries achieve independence:

1913 – Um Nyobe Reuben, Cameroon, founded UPC in 1948, killed 13 September 1958 in skirmish with government troops near Boumnyebel

1919 – Andre-Marie Mbida, Cameroon, Premier of 1957 Cameroun government (first) in French Cameroun

1923 – Idi Amin, Uganda, President of Uganda 1971-1979. He served with the King’s African Rifles

1924 – Ernest Ouandie, Cameroon, founded UPC in 1948, captured August 1970, executed 15 January 1971