Great War in West Africa – Chronology and articles

Date Cameroon Togo Other
29 Jul 1914 Gov-Gen Merlin of French Equatorial Africa sanctions defence measures
6 Aug 1914 Captain Barker summons to surrender is rejected; Lome and coast areas evacuated 158 French occupy Bonga and Singa on boarder before Germans know of war
7 Aug 1914 2 British companys occupy Lome from Gold Coast; 478 French and 2 guns cross eastern border from Dahomey
8 Aug 1914 Chief Rudolf Manga Bell hanged at Duala
12 Aug 1914 Regimental Sergeant-Major Alhaji Grunshi (Gold Coast Regiment) is first British soldier to fire a shot in anger in WW1, near Togblekove 699 French occupy German Fort Mbaiki
14 Aug 1914 Captain Bryant’s 582 troops, 2000 porters and 3 guns advance from Lome on capital Kamina Colonel Carter is allowed to recce from Nigeria where 4 columns assemble near border Anglo-French London Conference agrees on joint attack
15 Aug 1914 British win action at Agbeluvoe station
22 Aug 1914 450 allies lose 75 casualties at Khra against 460 Germans with three machine guns Sierra Leone troops embark for Togo and Cameroons
23 Aug 1914 Brigadier-General Dobell made Allied CinC land forces, sails from Liverpool
24 Aug 1914 Around 200 British capture Nsanakang n Nigerian border; in the north German Kuseri post repels 250 French but falls 20 September
25 Aug 1914 600 Nigerians capture Tepe on border Togo surrenders
26 Aug 1914 Major Doring surrenders with 200 GErmans, 800 Africans, 3 machine guns, and 1000 rifles at Kamina; radio station destroyed. Allied losses were 120; Togo partitioned.
29 Aug 1914 600 Nigerians, 5 machine guns, and 2 guns beaten at Garua by 2 German companies, retreat to Tepe. British Calabar column occupies Archibong on coast. Belgians agree to help French
31 Aug 1914 375 French in 3 steamers from Bonga occupy Wesso on border, others hold line of River Lobaye
2 Sep 1914 Governor-General Lugard returns from England, confines troops to frontier
4 Sep 1914 Cruiser HMS Cumberland lands party at Victoria; Nigerian flotilla of 8 ships joins
6 Sep 1914 220 British beaten by 500 Germans who take 2 guns and 5 machine guns at Nsanakang. French from Gabon are beaten at Mibang
16 Sep 1914 HM Gunboat Dwarf sinks armed vessel Nachtigal on Riber Bimbia
17 Sep 1914 57 Nigerian police repel Germans at Takum; Allied force reaches Lagos
21 Sep 1914 French gunboat Surprise lands 600 troops to take Ukoko
23 Sep 1914 Cruiser HMS Challenger arrives in estuary with 6 transports; 4962 allied troops, 16 guns and 4356 carriers assemble
27 Sep 1914 Allies occupy Duala. German CiC Colonel Zimmerman leaves by train for Edea, 40 miles inland
1 Oct 1914 Around 300 British in flotillas from Duala take Tiko and occupy Misselele Plantation. Northern Railway operations begin, around 400 British take Bapele Bridge then Maka
6 Oct 1914 50 French from Duala capture Yapoma Bridge
8 Oct 1914 Lt-Colonel Haywood’s 500 Nigerians occupy Susa and Kake. Colonel Gorges’ 1000 men and 4 guns in 29 vessels repulsed from Yabasi inland on River Wuri, retire in heavy rain, but take it, total 79 casualties
19 Oct 1914 Nigerians at Kake repel 350 Germans
26 Oct 1914 Colonel Mayer’s 1190 Anglo-French and 6 armed craft capture Edea on Eastern Railway via River Nyong
29 Oct 1914 900 French from Wesso in south capture Dzimu on River Sanga at third attempt
15 Feb 1916 Cameroon surrenders

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