CWGC and WW1 Africa on Twitter

#CWGCarchives: 12 March, 1921. "Nigerians at rest in East Africa", describing difficulties with grave logistics in Mesopotamia & East Africa — Hanna Smyth (@hannamsmyth) 7 March 2017 #CWGCarchives: 1921 photo of @CWGC HQ in London, compiling grave records of Nigerian soldiers in East Africa. #FWW #1GM — Hanna Smyth (@hannamsmyth) 15 February 2017

About the Medical Project and Away From the Western Front

The GWAA Medical Project involves transcribing the Pike Report and using it as a base to link to other relevant information about the medical services in Africa during World War 1. Project proposal Launch of @aftwf1418 – project highlighting #WW1 campaigns 'Away from the Western Front': — Centenary News (@CentenaryNews) 3 February 2017 […]